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TLDS: Transactional Lock-free Data Structures

TLDS provides a framework for developing transactional containers from lock-free ones. It includes five examples of transactional data structures, lock-free and obstruction-free versions of a linked list, and a skip list, and a lock-free hash map. We are currently working on supporting transactional data structures for non-linked containers and also transactions that are executed on multiple containers.


CCSpec is a tool that allows the user to check that their concurrent data structure meets a specified correctness condition. A correctness condition for a concurrent data structure defines the expected behavior of method calls. CCSpec can check any correctness condition in which a concurrent data structure is expected to exhibit equivalent behavior to the sequential counterpart.


Tervel is a framework and library that unifies methodologies and techniques to enable the efficient implementation of wait-free algorithms. It includes a unified memory reclamation structure, progress assurance scheme, and a construct that limits recursive helping. It advocates a call-back centric design pattern to reduce code duplication, observable states, and improve code readability.


Sereth is a fork of Geth, the Ethereum peer software written in Golang. Sereth provides a read-uncommitted view of smart contract state variables during the time period between block commits. Sereth repository includes smart contract examples and is interoperable with peers on the live Ethereum blockchain.

Application Performance Data Streaming for System Monitoring

This tool-set is a contribution to the LDMS project and streams software-level application performance data for system monitoring. An example for MPI applications is provided.